EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)

         E U-D A T E N S C H U T Z-G R U N D V E R O R D N U N …

OFAI's Brigitte Krenn presents a multimodal data set for grounded language learning -- The Action Verb Corpus -- at LREC, Miyazaki, Japan.

OFAI's project on acoustic monitoring of biodiversity - aMOBY - has been covered in the HEUREKA 2/18 magazine of the weekly newspaper "Der Falter".

Friedrich Neubarth represents OFAI at Lange Nacht der Forschung, Station: Roboter zähmen leicht gemacht.

OFAI's Brigitte Krenn and Friedrich Neubarth present work on "Lexicon Learning from Modality Rich Input" at the CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar in Paris, France.

OFAI's Brigitte Krenn and Friedrich Neubarth give a lecture on "Multimodal corpora for crossmodal grounded language learning" at the CHIST-ERA HLU Master Class on Human …

Dr. Stefania Monica of the Università di Parma, is visiting Paolo Petta at OFAI until the end of the month. She will also deliver a …

Paolo Petta represents OFAI at the The European Artificial Intelligence-on-demand-platform information day and brokerage event in Brussels.