Joint Projects

OFAI already has been acting as prime contractor or as partner in more than 35 multinational projects funded by programs of the European Commission. OFAI therefore has been acquiring a long-term, detailed experience in dealing with the intricacies of the regulations of these programs and in interacting with the institutions of the EC.

OFAI furthermore has been undertakting projects jointly with companies and/or the academia funded by national or municipal funding institutions like e.g. the FFG, FIT-IT of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology, or the WWTF of the Municipality of Vienna.

OFAI's researcher are keen on cooperating with colleagues from other organisations, being these companies, institutions from academia, or governmental or non-governmental organisations, on topics of their expertise.

In case you are planning to apply for a joint projects and you are considering OFAI as partner, please contact the leader of the relevant research group or directly contact the head of OFAI, Prof. Trappl (robert[DOT]trappl(AT)ofai[DOT]at).