Paolo Petta co-organizes with Federico Bergenti and Stefania Monica of the University of Parma the Third Edition of the Symposium on Social Interactions in Complex Intelligent Systems (SICIS), at the AISB Convention 2019 (Falmouth University, UK, April 16-18, 2019).
Jan Schlüter comments on how Google DeepMind's AlphaZero is able to play world class chess to an Austrian news portal.
Arthur Flexer has been granted two new national projects (FWF): ``On Valid and Reliable Experiments in Music Information Retrieval'' and ``Dust and Data. The Art of Curating in the Age of Artificial Intelligence'' (together with Niko Wahl, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria).
Stephanie Gross and Brigitte Krenn co-organise the Workshop on Cognitive Architectures for Situated Multimodal Human Robot Language Interaction at the 20th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2018) in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
Arthur Flexer is giving a tutorial on Statistical Analysis of Results in Music Information Retrieval: Why and How together with Julian Urbano at ISMIR 2018.
Our project on acoustic monitoring of biodiversity - aMOBY - has been covered in the WIENWISSEN 1/18 magazine.
Arthur Flexer is giving a talk on "Objectifying the subjective and learning of prejudice by machines" at the Workshop "Im Netz der Sinne" in Graz, Austria.
Brigitte Krenn presents a multimodal data set for grounded language learning -- The Action Verb Corpus -- at LREC, Miyazaki, Japan.
Our project on acoustic monitoring of biodiversity - aMOBY - has been covered in the HEUREKA 2/18 magazine of the weekly newspaper "Der Falter".
Friedrich Neubarth represents OFAI at Lange Nacht der Forschung, Station: Roboter zähmen leicht gemacht.
Brigitte Krenn and Friedrich Neubarth present work on "Lexicon Learning from Modality Rich Input" at the CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar in Paris, France.
Brigitte Krenn and Friedrich Neubarth give a lecture on "Multimodal corpora for crossmodal grounded language learning" at the CHIST-ERA HLU Master Class on Human Language Understanding in Paris, France.
Paolo Petta is signatory of the international open letter to the President of KAIST, an initiative supporting KAIST to comply with ethical standards, regarding the opening of a "Research Center for the Convergence of National Defense and Artificial Intelligence".
Update 2018-04-10: We wish to thank and congratulate Prof. Sung-Chul Shin, President of KAIST, for his swift and affirmative action and look forward to KAIST's contributions in this crucial matter.
Dr. Stefania Monica, Università di Parma, is visiting Paolo Petta until the end of the month. She will also deliver a public lecture at OFAI and an invited seminar unit at the Complexity Science Hub covering her work on KTMAS, an analytic model of the dynamics of multi-agent systems based on kinetic theory.
Paolo Petta serves as co-chair at the 2nd Symposium on Social Interactions in Complex Intelligent Systems (SICIS) to be held at the 2018 AISB Convention in Liverpool, UK, 4th-6th April 2018.
Paolo Petta represents OFAI at the The European Artificial Intelligence-on-demand-platform information day and brokerage event in Brussels.
Martin Trapp is visiting the machine learning group of Zoubin Gharamani at the University of Cambridge for two month and gives an invited talk on „advances in learning sum-product networks". His research visit he will be supported by the Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft.
Stephanie Gross and Brigitte Krenn receive the Best Paper Award at the 19th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2017) in Glasgow, Scotland.
Brigitte Krenn is panellist at future zone day discussing „Was Computer heute können und morgen lernen” (“What robots know today and will be capable of tomorrow”), Semperdepot, Vienna, Austria.
OFAI's Language and Interaction Technologies Group contributes to Episode 2 ALIEN INTROSPECTION -- Xenofeminism, Robotics and Machinic Promiscuity at the Vermögen Festival in Vienna.
Arthur Flexer is co-organizing (together with Monika Dörfler) a workshop on "Systematic approaches to deep learning methods for audio", 11.-15. September 2017, Erwin Schrödinger Institute, University of Vienna, Austria.
Arthur Flexer is starting a new project on acoustic monitoring of biodiversity - aMOBY
MATES 2017, the 15th German Conference on Multiagent System Technology, was successfully held at Leipzig University, with Paolo Petta general co-chair.
Brigitte Krenn moderates the reflection group “Human-Robot Relations” at the Symposium “Economy in Transition – The Economics of 2030 and Beyond” organized by the Council for a 21st Century Progressive Economy, VÖGB Zentrale, Vienna, Austria.
2017-04-24 talk
Brigitte Krenn talks at Erste Campus about “Information is the new currency! How natural language processing can support various information needs”, Vienna, Austria.
Start of the Pro2Future (Products and Production Systems of the Future) FFG COMET Competence Center.
Universitaet Wien und Oesterreichisches Forschungsinstitut fuer Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) kooperieren verstaerkt. (Pressemitteilung 21.03.2017)
Thomas Grill scored first place in the QMUL Bird Audio Detection challenge.
Paolo Petta is general co-chair of MATES 2017, the 15th German Conference on Multiagent System Technology, to take place at Leipzig University.
Martin Trapp is invited panelist at the Practical Bayesian Nonparametrics workshop at NIPS 2016 discussing challenges in the development of software systems for Bayesian nonparametrics.
Brigitte Krenn gives an invited talk on "AI for mining text content" at the Annual conference of the Austrian Institute of Historical Research (Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung, IÖG), Vienna, Austria.
Brigitte Krenn is plenary speaker at the conference "Experimental Approaches to the Perception and Production of Language Variation" (ExAPP 2016), Vienna, Austria.
2016-09-05 to 09
Brigitte Krenn coteaches a course on "Evolutionary semantics on real robots" at the "Lake Como School of Advanced Studies" on "Creativity and Evolution. Games, language, robots, life, art", Como, Italy.
Start of the WWTF Project RALLI (Robotic Action-Language Learning through Interaction) carried out by Stephanie Gross (project leader) and Brigitte Krenn at OFAI, project partners are Michael Zillich at the Technical University of Vienna and Matthias Scheutz at Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA.
Brigitte Krenn gives an invited talk on "E-Recruiting -- How to find the right personnel" at Vienna HR-Brunch, Vienna, Austria.
Start of the EU-ERC Advanced Grant Project Con Espressione carried out by Gerhard Widmer, contributors are Martin Gasser and Thassilo Gadermaier.
Start of the EU CHISTERA Project ATLANTIS with Brigitte Krenn as project leader.
Start of the FFG-Project updatemi: Summarization for news texts with Brigitte Krenn as project leader.
Robert Trappl gives a Keynote Speech at the symposium "CREATION AT THE NEXUS OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ART" jointly organised by La Biennale di Venezia and the European Commission-Directorate General CONNECT in Venice, Italy.
The paper REAL-TIME MUSIC TRACKING USING MULTIPLE PERFORMANCES AS A REFERENCE by Andreas Arzt, Gerhard Widmer, received the Best Paper Award at the ISMIR 2015 Conference.
Brigitte Krenn leads the discussion panel on 'Critical Engineering or critical thinking?' at the net:25 | net:future conference , University of Vienna, Austria.
Gerhard Widmer receives an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC):€ 2.3 million for the project Con Espressione
Arthur Flexer is starting two new projects: Semantic Annotation by Learned Structured and Adaptive Signal Representations and Evolution and Function of the Environmental Protein Sequence Universe.
Sabine Payr is co-organiser of the session on "Robots as Helpers and Companions for Assisted Living" at the European Robotics Forum 2015 in Vienna.
Paolo Petta is invited participant at the Cognitive Robotics in future manufacturing scenarios Open Fishbowl organised by PROFACTOR at the European Robotics Forum 2015 in Vienna.
Start of the FWF-Project "CHARMinG: Character Mining and Generation" with Robert Trappl as project leader, principle investigators Sabine Payr and Marcin Skowron.


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