Programs & Resources

Here you can find links to publicly available programs and resources that were developed in some of our research projects.


Linguistic resources

  • list of German support verb constructions and figurative expressions
    download German_PNV_Krenn (1.3M)
    This is a gold standard of 21796 German combinations of governing verb and prepositional phrase, represented by the preposition and head noun of the PP. The PP-verb pairs were manually annotated as lexical collocations or non-collocational. A distinction is made between two subtypes of lexical collocations, support-verb constructions (Funktionsverbgefüge) and figurative expressions.
    More data sets of Multi Word Expressions (including German_PNV_Krenn) can be found here.
  • SentiStrength_DE download page
    is a collection of German lexicon files to be used for sentiment classification with SentiStrength from the University of Wolverhampton. SentiStrength_DE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC BY-NC-SA). This licence allowes you to use the data free of charge for non-commercial purposes. You may modify and redistribute the data as long as you keep the attribution to the original in all the files, and publish your work under the same licencse.

Multimodal resources