Current Projects

Serious Games and Psychotherapy
In collaborations with the MEi:CogSci study programme in cognitive science and ISGInnovations
Storyworld Mining and Generation
screenshot of AAAViewer ActAffAct:
Affective Acting - An Appraisal-Based Architecture for Agents As Actors
Emotional Software Agents:
Principled emotion synthesis in situated software agents
a criteria-driven scheduler, based on DTC/TÆMS
euCognition logo euCognition I-III:
The European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems
GALA NoE LogoGALA (2010-2014, IST FP7 258169):
Game and Learning Alliance
(associated partner)
See also the pages of OFAI's Applied Cognitive Science and Social Robotics group and Language Technology group.

Completed Projects

Cyberemotions Logo CYBEREMOTIONS (2009-2013, IST FP7 231323):
Collective Emotions in Cyberspace
Iris Logo IRIS (2009-2011, IST FP7 231824):
Network of Excellence on Integrating Research in Interactive Storytelling
L4S Logo L4S (2009-2011, IST FP7 225634):
Learning for Security
Sera Logo SERA (2009-2010, IST FP7 231868):
Social Engagement with Robots and Agents
SEMPRE (2007-2009):
National FFG project on Semantically Aware Profiling for Recommenders
L2C logo L2C (2006-2008, IST-2005-027288):
Learning to Collaborate, Technology-Enhanced Learning for Advanced Collaboration Dynamics and Technologies (ACDT)
RASCALLI (2006-2008):
Responsive Artificial Situated Cognitive Agents that Live and Learn on the Internet
National FFG project on Advanced Knowledge Technologies: Grounding, Fusion, Applications
HUMAINE logo HUMAINE (2004-2007, IST-2002-507422):
Human Machine Interaction Network on Emotions
Cognitive Vision (FWF JRP 2003-2006):
FWF Joint Research Project
AgentLink logo AgentLink:
The European FP6 Co-ordination Action for agent-based computing.
Paolo Petta served as coordinator of the Working Group on "Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration" of the AgentLink and AgentLink II European FP5 Networks of Excellence on agent-based computing.
In AgentLink III, he served as co-chair of the second and chair of the third Technical Forum Group meetings.
Adaptive Models in Economics and Management Science:
Computational Intelligence
A Curriculum Information System in support of the reform of the curriculum of the University of Vienna Medical School
SAFIRA Logo SAFIRA (IST-1999-11683):
Supporting Affective Interactions in Real-Time Applications
The Invisible Person (taking a picture) VIE-IVE:
Improvisational interaction with an autonomous synthetic actor
A distributed intelligent multimedia information system architecture

With applications in computer support in education

In collaboration with the former Neural Computation Group headed by Georg Dorffner:
MACS: Multi-sensory Autonomous Cognitive Systems Interacting with Dynamic Environments for Perceiving and Using Affordances (EC IST Cognitive Systems)
MindRaces: From Reactive to Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied Systems (EC IST Cognitive Systems)
SIGNAL: Systemic Intelligence for Growing up Artefacts that LIVE (EC-IST-FET)