Dr. Margherita Pallottino, Univ. of Geneva / OFAI

Fii uses across Arabic varieties

OFAI is proud to present "Fii uses across Arabic varieties", a talk by Margherita Pallottino of University of Geneva / OFAI. The talk is part of …


Prof. James E. Young, BSc, PhD, University of Manitoba

Designing Human–Robot Interaction

OFAI is proud to present "Designing Human–Robot Interaction", a talk by Prof. James E. Young, BSc, PhD of the University of Manitoba. The talk …


Jordan Kodner, PhD, Stony Brook University

Is it Language or Task Design? Reinterpreting language models' recent successes in morphology and syntax learning

OFAI is proud to present "Is it Language or Task Design? Reinterpreting language models' recent successes in morphology and syntax learning", a talk by Jordan …

Lecture series

OFAI 2024 Spring Lecture Series

OFAI is delighted to announce its 2024 Spring Lecture Series, featuring an eclectic lineup of internal and external speakers.

The talks are intended to familiarize …


Assoz. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Clemens Heitzinger, TU Wien

Reinforcement Learning and its Application in Medicine and Large Language Models

Reinforcement learning has been instrumental in many advances in AI, including medicine. In such applications, statements about the reliability of the results are necessary in …

Lecture Dipl.-Psych. Stefanie Höhl, University of Vienna

Social Rhythms and Biobehavioral Synchrony in Early Human Development

In adults, the brain rhythms of interaction partners entrain to communicative rhythms, including speech, supporting mutual comprehension and communication. Whether this is also the case …


Prof. Mag. phil. Thomas Graf, MA, PhD, Stony Brook University

Linguistics and Symbolic Computation in a World of Large Language Models

Given the rapid rise of large language models, will symbolic linguistics be left in the dust, or is this actually an opportunity for meaningful synergy …


Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel, Silliman University and Neurolinx Research Institute

The Energy Challenges of Artificial Superintelligence

It seems clear that the development and deployment of an artificial superintelligence, or ASI, would require tremendous energy requirements. Whether this poses an insurmountable barrier …


Prof. Ivan Habernal, MSc, PhD, Paderborn University

Privacy in Natural Language Processing: Are we There yet?

Natural language processing has brought us enormous benefits, but with it challenges and concerns surrounding privacy. These issues are tackled in "Privacy in Natural Language …