Prof. Mag. phil. Thomas Graf, MA, PhD, Stony Brook University

Linguistics and Symbolic Computation in a World of Large Language Models

Given the rapid rise of large language models, will symbolic linguistics be left in the dust, or is this actually an opportunity for meaningful synergy …


Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel, Silliman University and Neurolinx Research Institute

The Energy Challenges of Artificial Superintelligence

It seems clear that the development and deployment of an artificial superintelligence, or ASI, would require tremendous energy requirements. Whether this poses an insurmountble marrier …


Prof. Ivan Habernal, MSc, PhD, Paderborn University

Privacy in Natural Language Processing: Are we There yet?

Natural language processing has brought us enormous benefits, but with it challenges and concerns surrounding privacy. These issues are tackled in "Privacy in Natural Language …


Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Dagmar Gromann, BSc, University of Vienna

Do Large Language Models Grasp Metaphors?

Conceptual metaphors present a powerful cognitive vehicle to transfer knowledge structures across domains. To what extent do today's pre-trained language models understand the operation of …


Dr. phil. Dr. tech. Dipl.-Ing. Erich Prem, MBA, University of Vienna

Ethics of AI: Good AI Versus the Totalitarian Enforcement of Norms

The interest in the ethics of AI systems has grown significantly over the last few years. An overview of some of the key ethical issues …


Prof. Simon Penny, University of California Irvine

Skill: Know-how, Artisanal Practices and 'Higher' Cognition

OFAI is pleased to present "Skill: Know-how, Artisanal Practices and 'Higher' Cognition", a talk by Simon Penny of the University of California Irvine. The talk …


Prof. Dr. Nafise Sadat Moosavi, BSc, MSc, University of Sheffield

Challenges of End-to-End Reasoning in NLP

While models must perform reasoning to understand human language, this is mostly required for downstream applications and not as a standalone skill. The challenges of …

Lecture series

OFAI 2023 Fall Lecture Series

OFAI is delighted to announce its 2023 Fall Lecture Series, featuring an eclectic lineup of internal and external speakers.

The talks are intended to familiarize …


Prof. Stacy Marsella, BA, MS, PhD, Northeastern University and University of Glasgow

Engineering the Impact of Emotion on Human Behavior

Computational models of human behavior are used in a wide range of artifacts. The synergy between psychology and the engineering of these artifacts is the …


Assoz. Prof. Mag. Hannes Fellner, MA, PhD, University of Vienna

Digital Advances on the Ancient Silk Road

In parts of the Ancient Silk Road, the Sanskrit, Tocharian, and Saka languages were written in a little-understood script known as Tarim Brahmi. Recent efforts …