Analysis of automated telco services test results

Sipfront is a performance and regression testing service to validate the signaling, media and security capabilities of telco services.

By launching single call scenarios or a massive load of signaling and voice or video traffic, you can find, prevent and fix regressions and measure the performance limits and bandwidth requirements of your SIP trunks, PBXes and Softswitches deployed in VoLTE, IMS and NGN networks.

Sipfront gives you real-time and historic reports of your test sessions and provides you with APIs to integrate your testing cycles into your Continuous Integration systems or delivery and deployment workflows.

The possibilities of further optimizing processes with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important. Here, value is placed on automating not only the execution of the tests, but all aspects of quality assurance, such as infrastructure and test data management.

Our goal is an AI-based, in-depth analysis of the test results. Here, inspecting and predictive methods complement each other to create a high-quality, automatic overall analysis: based on machine learning, the system is able to detect errors, propose solutions, determine deviations from industry standards, identify problematic trends in system quality and make predictions about interoperability with other, previously tested systems.


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