Dr. Johannes Jaeger, CSH Vienna und CRI Paris

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Dr. Johannes Jaeger
Complexity Science Hub (CSH), Vienna
Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI), Paris


Ever since Zeno's paradox of the arrow, the nature of change has been
a deep, puzzling mystery. Even though Leibniz and Newton seem to have
demystified the problem, major questions remain and modern process
ontologies struggle to find a rigorous and coherent definition of the
concept of change. I will use the mathematical tools of dynamical and
general systems theory (in an accessible and non-technical way) to
illustrate that the view of change we get from differential calculus
is highly specialised and abstracted. I will introduce a more
generalised notion of flow, based on work by Mesarovic and Takahara in
the 1970s. The derivation of this notion implies that any coherent
concept of change must be diachronic, i.e. extended in time. In other
words, change requires some sort of mapping or morphism forward in
time. I will discuss constraints on this morphism that are required
for consistent causal dynamics. Change as an extended mapping suggests
the radical notion that instantaneous moments, or instants, do not
exist. I will show—-using the tool of pointless geometry—-that theories
based on the abstraction of the infinitesimal differential still apply
to solve many practical problems, but that they do not precisely
represent the time-extended diachronic ontological status of change.


Time: Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 6:30 p.m. sharp

Location: Oesterreichisches Forschungsinstitut
fuer Artificial Intelligence, OFAI
Freyung 6, Stiege 6, 1010 Wien

Univ.-Prof. Ing. Dr. Robert Trappl


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